Grandparents Custody and Grandchildren Behavioral Changes

It is a fact that children raised in their grandparents custody develop behavioral changes and emotional problems during the course of the time. The absence of biological parents causes them to development of stress in most children raised by a grandparent. Several researches have been done to find the behavioral changes in such children and to find solution to decrease or stop such feelings in growing children. The stress of the child is more if he or she is unable to adjust emotionally with the grandparents during the initial stage. Such children need special care and attendance from, schools and community clinics.

Normally children do not develop emotional problems at the time when they start to live with the grandparents. When days passes and in case an incident happens such as either a face to face meeting with the biological parents or hearing a phone call from them, the child may get emotionally upset and have mental stress from that incidents onwards. The fact is that grandparents raising grandchildren are unable to wipe the confusion in the child’s mind even if they love them deeply. They may show anger quickly or not obey the grandparents or they may develop guilt feelings towards themselves. Some of the other disorders developed in the children raised by grandparents are,

1. Learning disabilities,
2. Insecurity,
3. Health problems like malnutrition,anemia,asthma and bronchitis and dental problems,

Usually boys show more behavioral problems than girls raised by grandparents. Further children under their grandmother’s custody show less emotional disorders than those under grandfather’s custody.
What is needed to Change the behavior of Children?

The best way to change the emotional problems in children raised by grandparents is to help them to understand about the past and what has brought them to live with you. The company of other children may make them happy. At this time the children may forget about the family as playing with the best friends remove tension and worries. Also there should be plenty of leisure activities to do when they are under their grandparent’s custody. Grandparents should treat the children with sympathy and care at all times so that no ill feelings are developed towards them.

The second effort should come from the community and government. The social service agencies, clinical therapists, school teachers, and health care providers have key roles to play in the development of children raised by grandparents. The roles of social service agencies are to educate grandparents the best way to deal with the emotional problems of the children. The schools are a good places to develop good behavioral habits in children. Health care providers including doctors can help the children and grandparents to take care of the health problems of the children. Since grand parenting is a universal social problem, only government can take massive action to help and support the grandparents custody rights and grandchildren through appropriate legislation and other statutory measures. The fact alone that there are more grandparents raising grandchildren now than ever before and the numbers continue to grow suggests that this issue needs to be addressed by all.

If you are a grandparent who thinks that your grandchildren are not properly being taken care of, you should seek out your options because the longer children stay in abusive or not healthy situation the more chances they will have to have in their life with adjusting to then changes.