Common Challenges of Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren

If you are a grandparent who is raising your grandchildren you are facing a different kind of challenge than you did when you raised your own children. To start with you are not that bouncing young parent that you were 30 years ago and you can’t even pretend that you are. Age has a way of slowing us down and there is no way to get around the fact that we are older parents the second time around. This is not saying that we can’t do as good a job or maybe even a better job at raising kids at an older age but the physical part of keeping up is much harder. Some of the common challenges you may face as grandparents raising grandchildren are these:

  • Overcoming the financial hardship Being a grandparent is a joyous occasion but when a grandparent takes on the role of parent to their grandchildren this is a whole new responsibility. If you are still working or already retired the changes can be overwhelming. There are expenses to raising children that you don’t have in your budget anymore.
  • Your health As we get older our health is always a concern and when we start raising children again it is even more important to stay active and healthy. It may be a challenge to keep up with little children but you just have to get a regular exercise routine and stay as fit as you can.
  • Dealing with your grandchildren’s parents When a parent loses control of their children it can be hard to deal with. Your child may have been abusing drugs or not financially able to care for their children but for whatever reason it may be hard on them to. This may lead to then resenting you even though they make know their children are better off being with you until they can get things changed for the better.
  • Dealing with school and homework Have you looked at a school book lately for a second or third grader? Well I have and they are already learning things that I learned in junior high and it may be a lot harder for you to help them with their homework because they teach in different ways than we learned.

In Summary: Grandparents and grandchildren face new challenges everyday and are always looking for advise and answers to daily problems. At New Grandparents Rights we strive to help grandparents as parents in their daily lives. Visit us for some great tips and advice and grab a “FREE REPORT on Time Saving Tips”.